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  • December 2015

  • Fresh Starts

    Having a fresh start has several meanings. One way to look at it has a refreshing feeling- a new residence or new job. Another meaning is the way it went last time left room for improvement. We experience fresh starts more often than we realize. When the school year begins, the slate is clean no tardy slips to keep track of, grades to improve or overdue books to explain to the librarian now called the media specialist. In preparation for this fresh start, new clothes, backpacks, school supplies especially the new crayons which for the lucky kids was the 64 box with the sharpener. It is an exciting time documented with pictures and bright smiles. The first day of school can also be accompanied with tears and heartache but we at least didn’t need Kleenex until our son was swallowed up by the kindergarten door closing.

    Agriculture has several fresh start events. The first calf, lamb or pig of the season is a positive sign. Unless of course that first calf is dropped in the mud amongst the freezing rain. Making the first tillage or planter pass of the season is a much anticipated event with the intent that each year’s crop will surpass the previous. This spring the first pass of the season was delayed more than we would have liked and the final pass was completed way later than normal. Ironic that last year we could not buy a rain, this spring couldn’t put together four dry days in succession and as summer heats up rain is needed again.  We will have to wait until this fall for measurement of success but regardless, the American farmer did their part to feed the world.

    I encourage you to approach the fresh starts in your world from the positive viewpoint. Doing so helps yourself and those around you. Recognizing that room for improvement always exists is fine, as no one is perfect. Focusing on improvement constantly can lead to missing the big picture.

    So as your kids or grandkids go back to school or college for that matter this fall, help them realize what an opportunity this is for them to have a fresh start. Then when the door closes, it is ok to grab the Kleenex.

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