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    “Thanks a Lot”

    Thanks a lot. Three short words that can express two very different meanings depending on tone of voice. I was told this the other night and the tone of voice was indeed sincere. Traveling home just before darkness fully engulfed the area with lightning and thunder accompanying the advancing storm my headlights revealed a large […]

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    Education and Agriculture

    “Do you know what was being taught in my child’s class today?” When hearing that question I was confident that I may not want to but needed to know; especially due to the sense of urgency and tone of frustration the caller had. His child’s middle school reading assignment covered a short segment titled “Be […]

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    Fresh Starts

    Having a fresh start has several meanings. One way to look at it has a refreshing feeling- a new residence or new job. Another meaning is the way it went last time left room for improvement. We experience fresh starts more often than we realize. When the school year begins, the slate is clean no […]

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